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As a design nerd, I'm always searching for new ways to develop and expand my skills. From websites to graphic and logo designs my passion and creativity knows no bounds. Some might call me a badass... and I agree. My immense wealth of web knowledge is invaluable, allowing me to turn an otherwise ordinary project into something eye-catching and unique. Whether designing a project as part of a team or working alone, my goal is to provide the best possible design to every brand I touch. With the help of the Adobe Suite, I use the latest standards, HTML 5 and CSS 3, to create sharp and stylish responsive designs, optimised for every device you could imagine.

My Experience

UI/UX Designer
2015 - A long time I hope
I am currently working for a wonderful start-up comapny called RotaGeek as their UI/UX Lead of a huge team of 1 designers (me!). Rotageek is an easy and powerful way to create employee schedules and rotas for business. I have the wonderful and challenging responsibility of creating and maintaining a robust user interface and experience across our information site, web app, iOS app and Android app! I am always trying to improve the user's experience while using our apps by creating easy to use interfaces and working with our team of develoeprs to create new and interesting features.

Digital Designer
2012 – 2014
In my two years at iFactory, I was an integral part of the design team which was tasked with developing and designing the creative for all projects, websites, EDMs, marketing campaigns, apps and print. I used the opportunity to hone my skills as a designer and develop new skills in many other areas, such as custom php template development for Joomla & Drupal and cross-platform social media campaigns using SlideShare, Instagram & YouTube. I also used my front-end skills for building EDMs, testing, and provided front-end assistance to the developers.

Digital Designer
Big Bridge
2010 – 2012
In my role of Digital Designer at Big Bridge I used my creative passion to design beautiful and unique websites, bringing them to life with HTML, CSS and jQuery. I also designed and built email templates used by clients in their email marketing campaigns using Vision6.

Graphic Artist/Website Designer and Developer
Random Moments
2007 – 2009
Working at Random Moments I was in charge of designing and building the website for all the new clients of the business. Outside this main responsibility I also took up additional web maintenance and reviews as well as logo and other document designs.

My Education

Cert III Multimedia
QANTM College 2009 [Graduated]
I studied at QANTM as a part of the traineeship I had with Random Moments. During this time I received a Certificate III in Multimedia and learnt many skills covering radio, television, websites, videos, client communication, project management, design principles and animation.

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I am currently not seeking full-time employment. If you are a creative agency looking for an experienced, hard-working, attractive* employee then you will have to look somewhere else! (Sorry, Boost Juice)**

Disclaimer: Marty McFly and Dr Emmett Brown are registered trademarks and copyrights of Universal City Studios, Inc. and U-Drive Joint Venture. *Attractiveness may vary by your definition, or diminish depending on length of unemployment. **Unless you are going to offer me a HUGE amount of money...?